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3402 Farragut Road
Brooklyn, NY, 11210

Bringing Quality, Authenticity & Individuality back to the Universal Culture; The S.C.U.M LyfeStyle.  



The H!'z

SCUMSeason is upon us. The Lord has decided to release 6 doses from his USB album 'The P!LL', in the matrix. His love for the fans and supporters who connect with the music and lifestyle is way stronger then the statement The Lord is making with keeping value to his artistry. As the libra, he balances his ambition and hunger to trancend from just rap to all corners of art, with his duty as the voice of the ppl to drop Dope where the patients need it most... RIGHT HERE!  



Papa Scum presents Scum Gang Clan Mixtape. Bizze Blaze, Scum Lord Dizzy, Yung AZ, AI Scum & Premadonna are influential & a prime example of what the culture has been missing. The Wu-Tang clan was part of an elite class of MC’s. They were a combination of spitters that took over the industry in the 90’s. Scum Gang as a unit has developed a sound like no other. With this tape we would like to give a tribute to one of the greatest & diverse, hip-hop conglomerates.


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Praesent commodo cursus magna, vel scelerisque nisl consectetur et.



The #SCUMS got their own #Currency and safe full of #GoldBars. On #SCUMGANGMoney The Lord shares his thoughts on the current rap game and the broken spirit of the people. In true #Wutang fashion, this singles about the C.R.E.A.M